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The Bella Tesori Soap Story
Bella Tesori Soap is a family owned and operated, all natural and organic, skin care business. My name is Betty Sehr and I am a state-licensed esthetician. Together with my sisters Audrey Foster and Kathleen Soto, we make up the Bella Tesori Soap Divas.

We are passionate about educating women on the dangers of commercial skin-care products, which contain harmful ingredients including dangerous preservatives and other additives. Our products WILL NEVER contain corn or soy or any other oil or substance that could possibly be made from GMO sources.
We provide a safe and holistic alternative to skin care, which helps to promote overall good health and beauty without the use of dangerous substances.

All of our products contain natural, high quality oils such as Jojoba, Avocado, Olive and Coconut to name a few. We also NEVER use fragrance oil for our skin care products and use only the finest essential oils that are available.

If you’re looking for a fantastic product that will be a perfect addition to your daily skin-care regimen, please consider giving Bella Tesori Soap creations a try. Your skin will love your for it!




Betty Sehr LE, Audrey Foster and Kathleen Soto
Bella Tesori Soap Divas 

How we make our soap and other products
Here at Bella Tesori Soap we use the Cold Process (CP) method of soap making. In the CP method, fats/natural oils are combined with sodium hydroxide (lye) to cause the chemical reaction called "saponification" that creates soap. We believe that the cold process method produces the finest soap, leaving excess oils and essential oils intact, and producing a rich and luxurious bar filled with moisturizing glycerin. Commercial soap manufacturers strip off the glycerin to use in other cosmetic products such as creams and lotions. Glycerin is an excellent moisturizer, acting as a humectant to attract water to the skin, and also heals and enhances the skin.

What is saponification? 

Saponification occurs when fats or oils are combined with a base or alkaline solution such as lye. We use only the finest food-quality vegetable oils in our products. We do not use animal fats. The vegetable oils are composed of triglycerides, 3 molecules of fatty acids and a single molecule of glycerol. The lye is produced from sodium hydroxide crystals that dissolve in water, raising the temperature to over 200 degrees. It is then allowed to cool down to about 110 degrees. We mix our combinations of oils together and raise their temperature up to around the same 110 degrees. The oils and lye are mixed together along with any essential oils, botanicals and/or clays, depending on the soap recipe.  In the first part of the reaction, the fatty acids split off from the glycerin and begin to react with the lye. The mixture will start to thicken, or trace. At this point, it is poured into molds, which are covered and left to finish the reaction and cool for two to three days. After this it is cut into bars and left on drying racks for 4-6 weeks.

What is Super Fatting? 
When making soap it is important to include enough oils so that the lye fully reacts and none of the lye is left in the soap. We use a technique called super fatting where excess oil is used, typically about 5%. This oil will not react with the lye and is left for its skin conditioning benefits. We also use specialized oils and butters such as Jojoba, Shea Nut Butter, Mango Butter and Cocoa Butter which have ingredients that do not saponify and remain in the soap for increased skin conditioning benefits. We do not use soy in any of our products.

How does soap clean? 
The two main byproducts of saponification are glycerin and soap molecules. The soap molecule is a long molecule that attracts water on one side and repels water on the other. This is why it is so effective in cleaning. The hydrophobic or water-repelling end of the molecule, attaches to dirt or oils and then can be washed away in the rinse water.

What makes Bella Tesori Soap superior to other natural soap? 
As an Esthetician, I use my knowledge of skin care in the creation of all of our products. We are continually researching methods and natural ingredients to make our products better for you, and a more enjoyable experience for your senses. Besides our soap, we have a line of lip balms that utilize the same fine quality oils that we use in our soap along with beeswax and honey for a balm that will protect and nourish your lips while providing a wonderful sensory experience.  We also provide an assortment of bath salts for a soothing and aromatherapeutic experience. Please come back to our site often to see the new products that we will have, as well as the health and beauty tips that we provide.